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Gary has seen and done a lot! But the common threads are always people, creativity, and the use of technology. Every wedding, event, or photo session becomes a chance to relax and create memories as Gary's calm, enthusiastic and authentic personality keeps things light and fun. An Irish smile helps a little too. And your photos will show it!

As a full time certified photographer, photography is more than just a "passion". It is what pays the bills. That means that you receive only the best effort, whether it's in time spent in front of the camera, or in the post production edits of your images.

Born in the North of Ireland Gary grew up in Canada - in southern Ontario mostly, but life has led them to many places across our country, including years in Quebec and British Columbia. They now proudly call Elmira home.


It has all been an adventure - and it is not  over yet!

Gary is very proud of their four grown kids, each finding their own way in the world!

Wherever your life is taking you, Gary would love to help you capture these moments - because these moments are forever!

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Based in Elmira, Ontario, Canada

Tel: 519-575-3282